What Is A UDRP?

What is an UDRP?

I was reading up just the other day – they are not always valid but it is often scary…

UDRP stands for / is an abbreviation for: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy

  2. You registered their trademark with the intention to profit on it.
  3. They will claim the name and you will be lucky to get a dime back!

The motto of the story is DON’T Register A TM Name! Check Before You Buy!

Being served or discussing a weighty UDRP?

How to prevent this action:

You respond to the first person of contact. And if it was accidentally done, then okay

they may compensate your registration fee. If you are a very small business or individual they may let you keep the name, so long as it doesn’t conflict with their interests (Trademark/Niche/Ads) you have to be REALLY careful in every correspondence.

You OFFER THE NAME BACK. If you are guilty of the alleged TM breach

They may then choose to give your domain registration fee (as good will).

If registration is related to yourself or your group/network, be discreet after a UDRP threat.

You may be allowed to use the domain name but not make huge fortunes on it.

Even if the domain name is not a top level you can be legally sued selling names

deliberately off the backs of someone else. Companies Owners work endless hours.

Even if they don’t respond now -they can sting you later! Ask an expert to check it out!

In my own case the name was not top level and I could associate it with myself.

So if you are threatened with one, don’t panic and check the rules first.

“If you can prove that you used the name for yourself or not sitting on it

(preventing a company, trademark or organisation from using it on purpose)

with parking, ads, for sale and all the rest. Then you should be okay.

-Just be careful and use common sense.”