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Pathogenic Net – Domain For Sale

Pathogenic substances are all around us. Natural and unnatural. ~ 120 web captures from 2002 to 2016!

Pathogenic means an external bio hazard, microscopic in size, micro organism, germ, disease. Any fungus, bacteria, virus, protozoa, ameba, organism which is harmful to human or animal health/(it’s host).

Uses For This Name / Testing Of:

  • FoodPoisoning
  • Water Systems
  • Cancer Pathogens
  • Fungi, Mold – Home Testing
  • Pests & Parasites
  • Veterinary Medicine Infections & Viruses
  • Live Blood Testing/Haematology
  • Experimental/Environmental
  • Hospital Bugs Like MRSA
  • Morgellons
  • Biological Warfare/Anthrax
  • Nano Technology/GM FOOD
Pathogens, – BioNinja

Any discoveries, studies on the most hazardous pathogens, services & kits/home testing & cures, might desire this name as it is widely searched. The name can be used in any way and .net is a reliable Top Level Domain-name + single word name! Fascinating topic. Biology/Med student might like this domain for their online publications/theses.

-Many people now buy their own microscopes or go for a live blood analysis check-up, researching pathogens to prevent serious & chronic disease.

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