Money Saving Tips – Don’t Plan It All Out!

Money Saving Tips – Psychology Of

Money is such a stress these days. No matter how much you do or don’t have. Its important to be able to pay your creditors immediately and have enough left over. And create a little breathing space!

When you feel positive about your finances, you feel good in yourself. Making lists and budgeting is not necessarily the wisest option. Unless you pay everything by Direct Debit from that day on – and set something aside each payday.

A quarterly review is a GREAT way to see how you can improve your spending habits. Many banks will have a page which will show you a flow chart of how you’ve been spending your money. That’s really useful.

Why you shouldn’t budget every week?

Things change fast sometimes and you need to be ready and prepared for whatever comes your way. When you have a little you have a lot. No need to SPEND IT ALL. Burdening yourself with lists, I wants & I O U’s is very counter productive.

The secret behind saving, is to adjust your habits. Don’t be greedy/needy. Just feel satisfied. Make sure you’re up to date with household essentials and creature comforts. Anything outstanding? GARAGE SALE

If you spend everything on nothing, then you don’t have that feeling of prosperity. Causing you to feel want again.

Anyone who saves knows that having something there for a rainy day is enough to make an immediate increase in your feelings of abundance and wealth. You’ll feel carefree again. It’s how you think about money that’s the real problem.

“You only live once!” Really stupid saying. But taking a calculated risk or two into consideration and having fun is a part of life as well. Repeat lottery winners claim they buy their tickets routinely!

Additional Income – Start Slowly!
While we can be prepared to take a risk now and then it should be a strategic and informed one. Financial Bets/Binary Options are for the calm and collected an amazing way to increase your money. But should you have any stress, bills or other issues, I would suggest you stay far away from it. You CAN profit 3-4/5 days per wk. This really is possible. Starting with a few dollars and taking out over a hundred. You lose on one or two days, no sweat! There has to be a LIMITATION what you will invest, understanding the risk. You also need to limit your time online and give your eyes a break!

So back to SAVINGS again. Savings offer SECURITY and security is the difference between WIN & FAIL. We don’t need to impress all – just being comfortable and satisfied is the way. Be organised and be responsible enough to handle MORE!

Make sure you can separate your household, social, business and additional income  Never risk more than 10%!