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Domain Advice ~ The Basics

Domain Advice 101 – if you need to purchase a low cost domain-name this is the place! In this new digital era, we need our own domain name that is useful for keeping in touch, getting a new job or making an additional income. Most people who want to register a new name desire an additional income. Learn about domain registration in your own time. You can either read our domain advice throughout our site and do it yourself or you can optionally request a service from us. We are here to help! 


  1. may not be the cheapest registrar but they are the easiest to use! They have Happy Hour Thursdays where you can pick up a cheap domain 3pm eastern time and around 9pm UK time. They are also a part of the Sedo MLS so you can send your best .com or one word names straight to auction! Get $5 off  – when you join with >>>this link!
  2. NameSilo are excellent on low prices – their prices stay the same. You get free domain privacy you can turn off with a click. They also provide free marketing pages, parking and a marketplace. They are well known for their rock bottom prices, as you get used to their site, you will find it fairly easy to use. Their search is awesome to use as you can check multiple extensions & names. Get $1 off when you use promo code DOMAINADVICEORG
  3. DynaDot are also good on pricing, they offer name privacy and have regular .com promotions. AND a domain aftermarket..! Another Sedo MLS partner. AND you get a FREE Webpage!
  4. I have to admit that they are good for a couple of reasons. 1. their hosting package is LIGHTENING FAST. 2. You can push a domain within the 60 day period. Most domain sellers/flippers use Godaddy for domain pushing and auction. Plus their handy appraisal tool. You can do everything you need quickly and easily in GoDaddy. Take advantage of taking the additional discounted .net & .org or .co and cheap hosting offers available. If you’re testing out a new business venture it will be worth it. as you will climb search engines quicker (perfect for business).
  5. CrazyDomains are quick and easy and you get a bulk discount. Domain sellers also use their services. With bulk edits and cheap prices all year round.
  6. Hostinger have a lifetime offer on XYZ numeric names right now. And you can book other XYZ names for just 99p


Domain Advice helps you pick a good name!

We also reserve some classic, keyword, aged and premium domains for our readers!

As there is so much existing competition out there already! LOOK TO THE FUTURE!

(AND into the past) The way back machine is a useful web tool

  1. Search keywords via Google Search (Or Yahoo)
  2. Check if your SOCIAL name is available HERE
  3. Find a good registrar (good prices, ease of use)
  4. Yes to fast SDD Hosting, WordPress Hosting or Turbo!
  5. Learn more about web design or hire a web designer
  6. You need a branded logo, business cards, email
  7. Promote your new website and drive traffic


When you run a service from your website or generate an income from it, analytics will indicate this and your web worth will increase over time. As with any business, an online business has an approximate value. Therefore it is important to add such items to your new blog or site.

When you’ve acquired your new name, you might want to place a sponsored ad.

Ad linking is the fastest method is to sign up to  VigLink You can use this linking an older website/BLOG.  MONETISE your website!


There are other automatic platforms. Google Adsense now has an automatic feature. Over time as your traffic builds you should start to get some results. You can add other websites and leave it running on auto! Adsense isn’t the easiest thing to use. Some people need help with setting it up. You need to  get their approval the first time. And that can take a couple of days. To get assistance with Adsense or Adwords you need to set up a separate Google email so assistants or a webmaster can do the necessaries. Read the BLOG or read on…


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There are many valuable domains – and not all of them have the .com extension! Premium for most means a domain which has been running for several years and has daily traffic. It has Authority. People want to buy names that already have traffic and backlinks and indexed pages in the search engines, so they can easily promote their new or latest product. Find out the BEST PLACE to BUY PREMIUM NAMES NOW See OUR PREMIUM NAMES!

Want to register a premium domain yourself? Try checking the way back engine for aged names and availability. And Search Google Trends.

Also check if there’s a company or TM trademark which could start a UDRP claim.


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Domaining – Your Next Step – Read These FAQ

  1. What a domain broker does?
  2. What’s a domain consultant?
  3. What is a keyword?
  4. What is ad bidding?
  5. What is a TLD?
  6. What is a UDRP?
  7. How long will it take to buy?

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